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Thank  you for your interest in boat storage opportunites at the Speckled Trout Marina. Please take a moment and complete this form to apply for Membership.  As a Member, you will have round-the-clock, unlimited access to your boat, trailer, and the boat ramp.


Dry storage will allow you to store your boat on your trailer. And launching is as easy as dialing the phone to page our tractor concerige service. Water and electrical outlets are conveniently located behind each boat. Dry storage accomodates boats up to 22'.


Wet storage will allow you to store your boat on a lift at our docks. When your boat is not in use, this storage allows you to keep your boat lifted out of the water. Each boat lift comes with dedicated water and GFI electrical outlets. Wet storage accomodates boats up to 24'. 


A Marina representative will contact you immediately to discuss storage space availablity and answer your questions.



Click here to review our monthly stoarge rates


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