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Speckled Trout Marina is excited to provide a carefree way to keep your boat full of fuel and ready to go when you are.  Simply sign up for Speckled Trout Marina’s Fuel Service Program, then use the pager app to order a specified amount of fuel to be delivered the following Tuesday. Speckled Trout Marina is convinced that this program will save you time, money, and stress.  And we hope the Program confirms our commitment to help take the hassle out of owning a boat.

Here's how Fuel Program Pre-Order works

The Member will determine the amount of fuel their tank can safely hold, and when ready for this amount, they will use https:\\ to place the order for fuel to be delivered on the following Tuesday. It is important to note that if a Member’s tank will not hold the amount ordered, they will only pay for the amount dispensed. Fuel purchases are invoiced at the end of each month.

Here's the benefits

  • Never worry about having enough fuel on board.

  • Gain optimum engine performance by using a premium, non-ethanol product.

  • Buy below market price at 20% over wholesale cost.

  • Eliminate the time and hassle of fueling your boat yourself.

  • Minimize condensation (water) build-up in your fuel tank.


Enter your row and space number (first time only).

Make a request to order fuel.

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